Thanks to everyone who participated in the tour this year. Make sure to read the blog and watch all the incredible stories we collected on the road.

meet the crew


Jessica Henry

From everyday adventures to tales of triumph, Jessica believes everyone has a story worth sharing and is ready to hear yours. This is her 3rd year on the Tour. Originally from Atlanta, she now lives in San Francisco and loves trying local cuisines and learning languages.


Marina Carlisle

Marina is a Southern girl filled with Colombian culture and heritage. She is a hiker, a dancer and an explorer who dreams of seeing all 7 continents in the next few years. She loves new people, places and cities and will be the first face you see outside our trailer.


Nathan Lee

Born and raised in Georgia, Nathan currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Katy and their dog Miller. He is energized by crowds of people, nature, and traveling to unique cultures. Making beautiful videos is his passion and he will be recording all of your aha moments.


Gary McKinney

Our 34’ Airstream trailer is beautiful, but it doesn’t drive itself. That’s where Gary comes in. Behind the wheel for his 6th year on the Tour, he's an expert in towing, auto maintenance and camo pants.

Irvine, CA
May 4- 5
Phoenix, AZ
May 11-12
San Antonio, TX
May 14-15
Jackson, MS
May 18-19
Birmingham, AL
May 21-22
Chattanooga, TN
May 26-27
Savannah, GA
June 1- 2
Columbia, SC
June 4- 5
Lynchburg, VA
June 9-10
Harrisburg, PA
June 12-13
Syracuse, NY
June 17-18
Louisville, KY
June 23-24
Madison, WI
June 29-30
St. Paul, MN
July 6- 7
Des Moines, IA
July 9-10
Sioux Falls, SD
July 15-16
Denver, CO
July 21-22
Seattle, WA
July 27-28
Portland, OR
July 30-31
Santa Cruz, CA
August 6- 7


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