tour aha moments


Asheville, NC

After graduating from college me and my four closest friends took our degrees and hit the road - landing in five different states, in four different time zones, and spanning both coasts. I missed my friends and I was lonely. Through that loneliness came my aha moment. I took a blank journal and wrote a letter to my friends, put it in a box and sent it on its way. I didn't know if my friends would embrace the journal, or stick it on a closet shelf. Nine years later The Traveling Journal has covered enough miles to circle the globe twice. Through break-ups, marriages, births and even the death of a dear friend, we've had our traveling journal. We can hold the story of our friendship in our hands and be reminded of how lucky we are, even though we're so far apart. Although we've known for years just how priceless The Traveling Journal has become and what a blessing it has been in our friendship, only recently did we realize that other women could benefit from this powerful connection. So despite having thousands of miles between us, we started a business together called Now we're hoping to inspire other long distance friends to connect through the pages of The Traveling Journal. I'm so grateful for my aha moment that I had nearly a decade ago. Without it I'm not so sure I would have the same connection that I have with these four amazing friends.