tour aha moments


Kansas City, MO

About seven years ago, I started teaching at a drop-out recovery program in the inner city. I taught creative writing and I always encouraged my students to express themselves freely. I told them that music and rapping were also poetry, so they asked what my rap name would be. Without thinking I joked that I was Lil Debi and my rap name was born. I wrote an ode to Twinkies and performed for the kids. Students would stop by just to hear me rap, we even wrote a recycling rap together. It was an amazing way to connect to a group of kids who had never felt that connected to anything. To this day, kids I don't even know will pop into my classroom and say, "I love your Twinkie rap!" Education is full of aha moments but if I can inspire a kid to put pen to paper, that is a moment to remember.